Winter weddings may conjure up images of cold weather, snowflakes, and hot chocolate, but that doesn’t mean your winter wedding has to be cold on the inside! A little winter wedding inspiration can go a long way toward making your winter wedding both gorgeous and cozy at the same time. Follow this guide to find the right balance of winter wedding ideas to make your special day as warm as it is memorable.

Reasons to have your Wedding in Winter

For centuries, winter weddings have been a popular choice for couples planning their nuptials. The main reason is that if you have your wedding in January or February, guests probably won’t need jackets or heavy coats, making them more comfortable and able to enjoy themselves (and you). 

Winter weddings are romantic because they often incorporate seasonal elements like icicles hanging from trees or snow falling around your ceremony site. And, of course, winter is typically thought of as an in-between season. As such, it tends to be less formal than spring or summer events; some brides even opt for no veil at all when they get married in colder months. 

Finally, winter weddings can be very affordable due to discounted airfare and hotel prices during cooler months.

Winter Bridal Bouquet

Winter weddings are brimming with white flowers, including lilies and dahlias. Show your wedding colours through your bouquet; for example, combine red roses with Callas and sprigs of holly for a subtle Christmas flair. Or, use lush green orchids to create an elegant look perfect for winter weddings.

Add tiny white lights inside your bouquet; you can wrap these around stems to illuminate flower petals at night. Not only will your bouquet make a stunning centrepiece, but it’ll also cast magical twinkling light upon everyone in attendance—and keep them warm on chilly winter nights!

Winter Table Decorations

There’s no reason to let your event decor get cold just because it’s wintertime. Instead, adorn your venue with wreaths, snowflakes, and other winter-themed decorations. As a bonus, most of these can be reused throughout all four seasons. Another popular winter wedding idea is using ice sculptures for table centrepieces. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even host a winter picnic wedding outside on a cold day; guests will undoubtedly appreciate having some hot coffee or warm soup on hand! 

And last but not least, if getting married during the winter months is unavoidable, why not make the best use of your surroundings? Plan your ceremony and reception indoors (or partially indoors) with open walls that showcase nature outside; however, allow only invited guests inside during celebrations. It’ll help create a cozy vibe while still allowing everyone else out in their coats to enjoy nature as they usually would.

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Reception Buffet Table

What’s more romantic than a bride in a gorgeous ball gown outfitted with lace, tulle and satin? A bride in an elegant winter-white gown! White dresses are classic—but that doesn’t mean they have to be essential. 

Dress your dream white wedding dress up with one of these must-see winter-inspired details for a feel-good winter wedding look. Your guests will feel warm just looking at you! After all, love is so hot right now.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake—the star of your sweet table—can be just as tasty and warm as your venue. So whether you’re looking for a classic sponge cake with whipped cream, something more rustic like an apple cake or a coconut-frosted cupcake tower, think about what will complement your other sweet treats and look good on camera. After all, it might be one of your only chances to get a bite without making a scene in front of everyone at the reception. 

To keep you and your guests cozy, check out these winter wedding ideas that are sure to keep things nice and toasty. Your guests will love keeping warm while eating—not to mention. They’ll love sending pictures home after too much wine! There’s no better way to liven up winter than by adding some warmth into your most important day of celebration! 

Now, if only there were someone who could help us figure out how not to freeze our butts off during dinner… hmm.

Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

When choosing a winter wedding dress, remember that not all brides want to freeze on their big day. There are plenty of options for warmth when it comes to wedding dresses. But there are still some tremendous seasonal-inspired looks you can incorporate into your look without running around like an icicle. 

Popular among winter weddings are velvet colours and textures. Adding accent colours in white adds another visual punch while keeping things tasteful. Another favourite among winter weddings is sparkle—no matter what season! Decorative beading, rhinestones and sequins help keep attention on your gown rather than being covered up by heavy layers of fabric—perfect for preserving both comfort and style during chilly receptions. 

Try complimenting with lace detailing or light fabrics if you want to play up the texture. Still unsure? Don’t fret; winter is full of excellent unique colours that will inspire any bride looking for winter wedding ideas. Deep purples, reds and greens add pops of colour despite already having darker undertones associated with them.


Winter Wedding Themes

Selecting a theme for your winter wedding can be as easy as browsing photos and choosing something that inspires you. A winter wonderland theme is perfect for those who want to incorporate icicles, snowflakes, and sparkly lights into their special day. On a cold, grey winter day, even neutral decorations have a soft glow in an intimate candlelit venue with zero distractions from nature’s colourful palette. 

If you’re looking for something more personal, don’t hesitate to choose from the colours of your family. For example, blush pink highlights may remind of your grandmother’s roses, or salmon-coloured drapes could put everyone in mind of sunset over ocean waves.

No matter what you choose for your winter wedding, winter is one of the most beautiful times to have your wedding.