Plan your Wedding with an Organized Checklist

Getting ready for the most special day of your life isn’t always easy. There’s just so much to do and they keep piling up! To ensure everything is handled smoothly, it’s important to organize your to-do’s and stay on top of everything. If you’re having trouble where to start, a wedding checklist is a great guide to help you navigate your way to planning your dream wedding. While hiring a wedding planner is also a viable option, having your own wedding checklist makes the planning more personal and detailed. It helps you control the timeline by allocating your tasks to separate days, weeks or months. It also allows you to organize all your contacts and help you budget your expenses.

When creating a wedding checklist, it’s important to be as specific with your tasks as possible. Twelve months before the wedding is normally the time when you select the wedding date, set your budget for the wedding and all other wedding activities, decide the wedding theme, figure out how many guests you want to invite, and etc. A detailed and organized checklist will sort out your thoughts by writing them all on paper.

Wedding Checklists - Why it's Good to Have Lists

What’s on a Wedding Checklist?

Typically, a wedding checklist has the following to-do’s 12 months before the wedding day:

  • Set the wedding date and time
  • Set the budget allocation, including contributions from family members and others
  • Decide on your wedding theme, decorations, tableware, etc.
  • Decide on the number of guests; if you’re getting married due to a pandemic, we have a guide on how to prepare for one!
  • Choose the bridal dress and the groom’s attire
  • Start collecting your guests’ addresses and send out invitations; decide on tokens for your guests
  • Begin looking at potential venues and start booking
  • Decide who documents the wedding (photographer and videographer)
  • Discuss wedding cake ideas
  • Organise transportation

Six months and beyond is where more preparations and rehearsals start, and a wedding checklist will always keep you guided with what to do next. If you hired people or have volunteers helping you out, the checklist makes sure you and your team are on the same page and everything is in order.

Checklists are Worry-Free

Lastly, the most important reason why a wedding checklist is essential: absolutely zero worries. If you forgot a few tasks you need to do, the checklist reminds you to do them. Every task is sure to be taken care of, and you won’t have to worry about anything else but the big day.

Find the Perfect Wedding Checklist

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Wedding Checklists - Why it's Good to Have Lists