Sci Fi Wedding 


People who are sci-fi fans are usually fond of this wedding theme. Take your pick from so many awesome shows such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who, Stargate…just to name a few. You can decorate your wedding venue with props similar to that of your favourite show, or if you prefer a more generic theme, you can use a lot of silver and black. Lets take a look at Riker’s wedding and below that is Worf’s wedding.

Sci-Fi lovers tend to hang around other sci-fi lovers, so your wedding guest list should be easy. The Star Trek video below, white is the main wedding clothes colour, and the Klingon wedding of Worf and Dax was a traditional Klingon ceremony which can be reenacted for your own wedding.

The Sci Fi wedding can also take its cues from a steampunk wedding as a lot of the principles are very similar. Most science fiction fans will enjoy both themes and you will be able to find heaps of decorations and props second hand if you are looking to save some cash. We have found that there are some venues which are set up specifically to handle this type of genre based wedding, so you can do a quick search for some in your area.