The Rockabilly wedding takes all the best design elements from the 50’s and 60’s and gives it a modern twist. This type of wedding is awesome if the guests also dress up. From wedding cars, to table settings, you can really pull off an imaginative day with this theme. Rockabilly enthusiasts live the lifestyle and although it is not as popular is it once was, this theme is sure to make a comeback.

You can use vintage table settings, place-mats made from old records and the use of red and black are all hallmarks of this special type of wedding.  There are so many resources around to help you plan the ceremony and there are celebrants who can dress the part to really make your day pop. As far as hair and makeup, you might want to get a rockabilly makeup specialist or stylist in to give you a hand with this look. We find that a lot of people usually dress in this style and have mastered the art of doing rockabilly wedding style hair using old fashioned irons which they have kept for decades. 

Your guests will have a great time with this theme, and the playlist options are pretty much endless. There was a lot of great music that came out during this era and most of them are perfect wedding songs that everybody can dance to.  A rockabilly wedding can also make use of some of the ska bands that play around your local area. These bands are a lot of fun and usually give a lively performance.