Punk Wedding 


Punk may be considered old school these days but history has shown that all fashion trends make a comeback eventually. Punk wasn’t really a fashion era, but more of a way of life. Punks stood out for a reason and it wasn’t really fashion. Fashion was their expression. They rebelled against society, their families and the establishment and punk music was their voice. Punk continued through into the 90’s where it was one of the most influential forms of music. Some watered down punk music made it’s way into the 2000’s and some music we hear today has it’s roots in punk. Punk fashion was loud and proud. A punk wedding theme pays homage to this incredibly important movement and you can use your imagination as to the types of decorations you can use for a punk theme.

The sky is the limit for wedding dress ideas for a punk theme. You can play punk music and have a red and black themed table setting.