Nautical Wedding 


Ahoy mateys. A nautical wedding is a fresh choice for those who love the ocean. Invite all of your mates to enjoy this lovely themed wedding which is popular with land lovers and seamen. Below are the top 6 things to consider when planning a nautical themed wedding.

1) Life Preserver Decorations

The best decorations for a nautical wedding are life preservers. Hang them up all around your venue if you’re using a building for it. You could even turn the life preservers into escort cards to signify which tables your guests sit at. This will make it the most informal wedding ever, but that is the point!

2) Tie the Knot Literally

After the wedding officiant declares you husband and wife, why not change the tradition a little bit? Instead of the groom kissing the bride, you two could tie the knot literally. To get into the spirit of a nautical themed wedding, the bride and groom need to tie a fisherman’s knot after being declared husband and wife. The stronger the knot, the stronger the marriage.

3) Dockside Altar

A nautical themed wedding must have a dockside altar. Imagine a venue where the groom and officiant wait at the end of the dock. Then, as the “Hear Comes the Bride” tune plays, the bride walks down the “dock aisle” until she reaches the end where her groom awaits. You’ll have the waters of the sea around the two of you. Have a microphone setup there so the guests on the beach can hear you take your vows.

4) Sailboat Designs

Use a sailboat centrepiece on the tables. You should also put sailboat figurines on the wedding cake too. Put frosty life preservers on the sides of the cake to really give it a nautical feel. But the sailboat centerpieces on the tables will be a nice touch for sure.

5) Beach Wedding Reception

After the wedding is finished, step off the docks and hold the reception right on the beach. You could set up a series of open tents on the sand where food and drinks are served. It certainly won’t be a formal wedding reception, but a true sailor wouldn’t mind anyway.

6) Sail Off Together

As the bride and groom are ready to leave their wedding reception, forget about the limousine. It would be more romantic to sail off together in a sailboat. On the back of the sailboat, you could put a sign with the words “Just Married.”