Any couple getting married on the water has a lot of options when it comes to wedding decor, but nautical elements always make it more fun! If you’re planning a wedding with an ocean theme, get inspired by this list of nautical wedding centrepiece ideas. Your centrepieces will be easy to create and relatively inexpensive, but they’ll add that perfect touch of romance to your nuptials!

Wedding By the Ocean

Have you decided to tie-the-knot by your favorite body of water? If so, there’s no better way to incorporate your location than with a nautical themed wedding. Nautical theme weddings are fun and easy to decorate for, making them perfect for couples who don’t know where to start when it comes to wedding planning. Here are our top four nautical wedding centerpiece ideas for you and your special someone.

Ocean Centerpiece Ideas

Decorating a nautical wedding centrepiece can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. You can stick with a classic white or blue centrepiece, but if you’re really going for that seaside aesthetic, then be sure to include some shell elements in your centrepiece design. Ocean-themed centerpieces aren’t just for summer events – even a winter wedding with a colour scheme of white and navy will benefit from adding some seafaring touches to your décor. 

Why not try using rope lights to outline starfish or other sea creature designs on your tablecloths? White Christmas lights strung up along one side of your room (provided they don’t interfere with any speeches) are also an easy way to add an elegant glow. If you want more information about creating stylish nautical wedding decorations, read on.

Nautical Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - All Free Wedding Invitations

Seashell Vase Decorations

Looking for a nautical wedding centrepiece? A seashell vase decoration is perfect for a beach-themed ceremony and reception. Simply fill a vase with sand and decorate it with shells, driftwood, and seashells, as well as sea-inspired colour schemes like turquoise blue and aquamarine. Scatter artificial flower petals on top to complete your look. 

Seashell vases are popular decorations at weddings because they can be customized in any shape or size. They’re also widely available at party supply stores, making them an affordable choice for any budget. If you don’t want to go all out with a seaside themed affair, simply supplement larger seashells with smaller ones to make your own shell vase centrepieces!

Sea Glass Wedding Table Decorations

Ocean inspired vases are a great way to decorate your tables for weddings, showers, or other events. They also provide an inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing centrepiece option. If you have a nautical wedding theme in mind, then blue vases filled with white pebbles will look stunning. These can be put on display anywhere from your ceremony area to your reception tabletops. Here are some ideas that I have gathered for how you can use these nautical-inspired decorations at your wedding or event. Let’s get started!

Cruise Ship Wedding Table Decorations

With almost 60 percent of all weddings now taking place in an outdoor location, many brides are choosing nautical wedding centrepieces for their tablescapes. Each guest will receive a nautical centrepiece to take home at the end of your wedding as an everlasting memory of your special day. Let’s take a look at some great DIY nautical wedding centrepiece ideas that you can create yourself… 

Seashell Inspired Vases For Weddings

How to Create a Nautical Centerpiece for Your Wedding: Weddings and seashells go together like fish and water. The right shell can make a gorgeous, memorable centrepiece for your wedding ceremony or reception. Here’s how to create one at home. It’s easy!

Look for shells with uneven openings that still shut properly—you don’t want any leaks! Screw them onto some little cups filled with sand; you can drill holes in the bottom of each shell if they don’t screw on easily. Fill with flowers or other decorations you love, making sure everything is balanced so it doesn’t tip over on its own. 

Get Creative!

Keep your focus on creativity here—play around until you find something that really catches your eye! A different colour scheme might mean switching up all kinds of things. You could change out shell shapes, sizes or colours entirely to suit your tastes. You could also use pieces of driftwood or beach glass instead of shells. If you have more money than time (or are willing to hire out), ask an experienced florist to design something especially for you.