Las Vegas Wedding 


Las Vegas weddings are famous all around the world. Everybody has heard of these tacky and unique weddings. The drive through wedding is always a topic of conversation when discussing getting hitched in Vegas. Below are the top 6 ideas for a Las Vegas themed wedding.

1) Elvis Costumes

Elvis Presley is the symbol of Las Vegas. You cannot have a Las Vegas themed wedding without all the men dressing up as Elvis. This means wearing a sparkly white suit, possibly with a string of lights attached to it. The groom should wear the most extravagant Elvis costume imaginable. Don’t forget about the long sideburns and the combed back pompadour hairstyle.

2) Casino Gaming Reception

Have a wedding reception venue that includes casino gaming tables. You could have blackjack tables, roulette tables, poker tables, and so on. Maybe you could set up slot machines around the venue as well. However, no real gambling has to take place here. All your guests can gamble with play money and win play money. This will ensure that you don’t violate any local laws where gambling is forbidden. 

3) Playing Card Altar

Gather some oversized playing cards and design the wedding altar out of them. You could arrange the playing cards so that they form an archway over the area of the altar where the bride and groom will stand. Either that or hang the oversized playing cards on the walls to create a true Las Vegas casino feeling amongst your guests.

4) Neon Lights

 Install neon lights on the outside of your wedding venue. Gather illuminating letters which spell out the names of the bride and groom. When your guests arrive at the venue and see all the Las Vegas-style signage and lighting, they’ll feel like they’ve been transported to Sin City.

 5) Red Carpet

 Roll out a red carpet along the wedding aisle. This is the aisle where the bride walks down before she joins her groom and gives her vows. When celebrities arrive in Las Vegas, they always have a red carpet waiting for them. So, have a red carpet waiting for the bride and everyone else walking along the aisle. 

6) Celebrity Impersonators

 During the wedding reception, have a few celebrity impersonators sing a couple of songs for everyone. You could have impersonators of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Liberace, or Michael Jackson.