Here it is – it’s finally the day you unite as one with the love of your life. Your wedding day is the most significant event of your life. There are many things to decide and plan on, from choosing the perfect wedding dress to finding the best veil to match it, amongst many others. But to wrap your wedding look altogether, you need a nice pair of wedding shoes. 

Do you want to feel comfortable or elegant? It’s an easy decision to make for some brides, but many others have trouble choosing. While the majority says selecting a wedding dress is the most crucial decision you have to make for your wedding ceremony, we think wedding shoes are just as important. You don’t want your perfect day ruined with sore feet throughout the day. You want to feel the best and be the happiest on this most special day. 

Heels vs Flats: What shoes should you wear on your Wedding Day? - All Free Wedding Invitations

Flats Equal to Comfort

Flats are a practical choice for a wedding celebration that’ll last for hours. You’re doing a lot of walking, running, dancing and partying after all! However, the one factor you’ll have to note when choosing flats is the wedding’s location.

Wearing flats at an outdoor wedding would be perfect; your feet won’t sink into sand, grass or soil as heels would. Also, make sure they’re designed with extra padding to support your feet all day, and they fit snugly between your toes and soles.

If you’re worried about how flats could make you look short in your wedding dress, make sure to purchase the wedding flats first before trying on a few wedding dresses to match them.

Heels Equal to Elegance

We love to admit it: wearing a good pair of heels is a confidence booster. Heels make us look taller, slender and more classy. They also help improve body posture by toning your calf muscles and make you walk gracefully. However, heels may induce pain as you wear them for more extended periods. They arch your feet, especially when you’re wearing an uncomfortable pair.

When shopping for the perfect pair of heels for your wedding day, make sure to shop at night. Your feet tend to swell a little after a long day, so it helps better shoe fitting.

Ensure the heels’ arches are cushioned and well-supported and that it has space for your toes to move slightly. If you’re not keen on wearing heels for the rest of the day, prepare a second pair of shoes (flats, this time) just in case. Feet pain should be the least of your worries on your wedding day.

What are you choosing?

If brides can wear sneakers or stilettos (or both!) on their wedding day, why can’t you? 

Like we always say, your wedding day is all about you. Whether you choose to wear a gorgeous pair of flats the whole day or want to walk elegantly down the aisle with a stunning pair of heels, stick to what feels the best for you. Celebrate this momentous day of your life by being yourself, and don’t hesitate to wear what makes you feel beautiful. 

Heels vs Flats: What shoes should you wear on your Wedding Day? - All Free Wedding Invitations