Free Wedding Printables and Games

Free Wedding Printables Games

 Free Wedding Printables Games are so much fun and everybody enjoys playing games at weddings. Some are more popular than others.

Wedding Reception Games

 Wedding receptions are a time for fun and celebration. And, like any party, they can be significantly improved with some fun, entertaining games!

 Games are great for breaking the ice and getting friends and family members to have fun together. They also give everybody a chance to get involved and participate, turning what would otherwise be a night of speeches and food into a crowd-participation event. Best of all, games don’t detract from the bride and groom’s wedding duties, photos, or other important activities, so you don’t have to change your plans just to incorporate them!


Get Families and Friends to Mingle

 It’s not uncommon for family members, friends, and other wedding attendees to not have met before the event. This can cause people to break off into their own familiar groups. Games, however, can get everyone mingling and having fun.

 There are tons of team-based events that can be used to get everyone interacting, from photo scavenger hunts to bride and groom trivia. For a little added excitement, the bride and groom can choose the teams, ensuring all of them are made up of members from both sides.

Indoor, Outdoor, Rain, or Shine

Wedding reception games can be a great fit for any event, regardless of the location or the weather. Couples who get married in a large outdoor area love implementing classic lawn games into the fun, while those who get married inside can spice up their party with a wide array of printable activities. Of course, indoor weddings can always benefit from a well-stocked photo booth.

More than Just Another Reception 

 Most of us have been to our fair share of weddings. Many of them are the same: speeches, dinner, drinks, and dancing. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with these things, they do nothing to help the wedding reception stand out. When you introduce games into the reception, you help your guests go home with amazing memories, not just sleepy kids and tired feet.

To Play or Not to Play

 One of the most important things to remember when deciding on including games at your wedding reception is that not everyone will want to participate. It’s usually best to let the bride and groom choose how much they want to involve their family and friends. Luckily, most printable games don’t require everyone to play, and they will still look amazing sitting on your table setting.

A Fun Touch

Remember that, as much as they love the bride and groom, your wedding guests are always looking forward to a fun and exciting reception. With games, you can add a personal, fun, and unique touch to your event – something that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Explore below to see some of our many printable wedding reception games. And remember, have fun!

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