Free Wedding Bingo Game Printable is a super fun game that anybody can participate in. Our version is sort of like an eye spy hybrid which will entertain your guests on your special day. The idea behind wedding bingo is that each time you see the thing listed, you can mark it off the list.

At the end of the day or night, the person who has marked off all the things on the bingo card wins the prize. Its a cute little fun game that anybody can play. Kids can also take part and you will find that guests of all ages can participate and will likely enjoy the game. 

You can make your own game but it’s easy to download and print this free version which you can use at your wedding or reception. At weddings you will get all sorts of people. Some who love to dance all day or night and others who are a little more subdued. Somtimes a game can really break the ice. People may sit together to try and find the listed items, so they can compete for the prize. You can swap it up if you have a themed wedding to try and incorporate the theme into the game.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you can add some cool things that are unique to your wedding venue. We find that the items listed on our bingo game mean it can be played at any wedding.  Free Wedding Bingo Game Printable really is the way to go for your wedding and the best part is, that it’s free to download and use on your special day.

Free wedding bingo game printable

Wedding Bingo

Below you will find the things on this wedding bingo card. You can give everybody a marker so they can play the game. There will be laughter as people look for the wardrobe malfunction or the barefoot dancer. There is one at every wedding and it’s always hilarious.

Food and drink

– Something breaks
– Wedding cake topper
– Drink Spilled
– Somebody complains about the food



– Kid screams or has tantrum
– You see an old flame
– Hugged by a stranger
– Dirty Dancing



– Wardrobe malfunction
– Barefoot Dancing
– Somebody wears white
– Bride changes outfit


– Bouquet toss
– Risque song choice
– Strangers hook up
– Nut Bush

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