Some wedding items you can easily DIY. These DIY Mr & Mrs wedding signs are super cute and really easy to make. You can go to the cheap shop and grab some craft supplies and you are ready to go. We put up new content every week on this site so if you check back you might find the perfect font for your wedding theme. So have a browse at the fonts below and download the file that corresponds to the design you love. You can then transfer this over to signs, candles or anything else. 

There are heaps of ways you can do this but the simplest way is to print out the image onto paper, then transfer from there. We suggest you use freezer paper to print it onto that way you can rub it off onto the sign easily. If you are using this method you will have to flip the image over so it’s in reverse. We do this so that when you add it to the sign, it’s the right way around. You can use any program for this but paint is good because it’s super basic and you don’t need any graphic design skills to do the flip. 

You can also use a decoupage type method where you cut out around the edges of the font, then stick to the wood. You can then add other elements to the sign such as dried flowers or images to complete the look. Decoupage is a great hobby and many people use our invitations as a basis for scrap-booking or decoupage projects. We are really happy to be able to provide the designs you can start your craft projects with. You can find some pretty decent instructions for the paper to wood transfer here.

We would love to see what you do with these awesome free wedding sign printable and we would love to see you post them in our Facebook group


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Photo by Sokol Laliçi from Pexels