Floral Wedding 


Floral themed weddings are truly spectacular. With flowers being the main theme, the aromas are wonderful and everybody has an amazing time. We suggest to choose a few of your favourite flowers as the basis for the theme. Perhaps you love frangapani, or you adore peonies. Find other flowers that complement that flower, but don’t overpower it. Your local florist can help you with your choices. Then you can build your theme from there. For example, you might start with a base flower which is white, and accent it with yellow, pink or purple flowers. That way your floral wedding theme can smell good as well as be visually appealing. 

You can also wear flowers on your dress, or have flower head dresses. The groom can wear a lovely big flower and the groomsmen can also have a flower featured prominently on their suits. Bunches of flowers can adorn each row, and the table decorations can feature heavily flowers.