Fairy Theme Wedding 


The fairy wedding theme is difficult to reproduce but spectacular to behold. Some popular looks include disney weddings or fairytale weddings. 

Below are the top 5 things to have for your fairy themed wedding.

1) Wings

Wings are the most important addition to have for any fairy themed wedding. You cannot be a fairy unless you have feathered wings attached to your back. That is why you should require all your wedding guests to wear wings as well. Perhaps you could purchase a supply of costume wings for your guests to wear when they arrive. Either that or just have the bride and groom wear the wings. Whatever works best for the size of your wedding.

2) Gladiator Leaf Shoes

Fairies are known for wearing gladiator leaf shoes. These are shoes which appear to be made from the leaves of the forest. You don’t actually have to make shoes out of leaves, though. These are costume shoes you can purchase at a large Halloween or costume store. The bride and groom would be true fairies if they wore leafy shoes like these.

3) Laurel Wreath

This should be an easier one to execute. Have your guests wear a laurel wreath on their heads at your wedding. It is a primitive style crown made from branches and leaves. You could use fake laurel wreaths or real ones. The point is to make everyone look like fairies who just came out of the mystical forest.

4) Waterfall Backdrop

Fairies love to hang out next to waterfalls. The perfect venue for a fairy themed wedding would be to have a waterfall in the background as you’re getting married. It doesn’t have to be a big waterfall because you’ll want to avoid the noise of the water as much as possible. Depending on the location, you could set up the wedding ceremony far enough away from the waterfall so that you hear less noise.

5) Pointy Ears

Gather a pair of pointy ear adhesives and stick them onto your real ears. The bride and groom should wear pointy ears to pull off the appearance of a fairy couple. It might be a little too much to expect your guests to have pointy ears, so they can simply be reserved for the newlyweds.  

Fairy Themed Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations
Fairy Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations
Fairy Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations