Country StyleWedding 


Country style weddings are very much in fashion. In fact I am sure they never went out of fashion. The country style wedding theme makes for incredible photos and the backdrop makes a reception easy to plan with places for everybody to sleep. Brides often wear cowboy boots under their wedding dress and these can be carried over to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The guests can also wear country style outfits and the tables can be decorated with simple country style decorations.

This theme lends itself to natural table displays and checker tables. or you can go back to the basics of boho style and choose a carefree theme with a natural element such as wood, floral or hessian. You can see from the videos below there are plenty of choices for your country style or rustic wedding. Mostly american inspiration with the big hats and boots but we all agree a lovely theme.

Country Style Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations
Country Style Wedding - All Free Invitations