Coloured Wedding 


A coloured wedding is a super fun theme. Very similar to the Bright Wedding but the coloured wedding usually has one accent colour. For example your backdrop might be traditional white, but your accent colour might be red or pink. This works really well in decoration and flowers. You can also have the groom and groomsmen wearing the highlight colour. You may also incorporate this colour into your bridesmaids dresses. Colours that work well for accent colours are red, pink, purple, gold, silver or green. Some people choose more than one accent colour for example gold and burgundy, red and purple, blue and yellow. All of these work well in a coloured wedding theme.

If you really want to do something different you might want to try using a lot of different colours and making your wedding day a truly colourful experience. Experiment with some coloured ideas and match up some of your favourites so share with your guests so they can also dress in your colour scheme. These types of weddings are so much fun especially when colourful flowers are added to the table settings.