Circus Wedding


A circus wedding is such a fun theme and there are plenty of ways you can help your guests have an awesome time. 

Below are 6 circus-themed wedding ideas.

1) Install a Candy Bar

Any good circus has a candy bar where you can treat yourself to candy apples, marshmallows, cotton candy, popcorn, soft drinks, and other delicious junk food. For your wedding reception, consider replacing your traditional wedding caterer with a candy bar vendor. Use the classic circus signage to create the circus vibe for your guests.

2) Red and White Striped Tent

What would be a circus-themed wedding without a giant red and white striped tent? You could rent several acres of land and set up a circus tent on it for your wedding. Put bleachers or fold up chairs inside of the tent for your guests to sit on. After you get married inside of the tent, you can have the wedding reception on the outside.

3) Circus Attire

Set a dress code for your wedding where everyone has to wear circus attire. This could include ringmaster costumes, elephant costumes, clown costumes, mime costumes, and so on. The bride and groom could wear red and black coloured ringmaster costumes.

4) Live Animals

It wouldn’t be a true circus-themed wedding if you didn’t have live animals present. You don’t necessarily have to include dangerous animals like lions and tigers. But if you could arrange to have elephants and horses at your circus-style wedding, then it would be a nice touch. The animals could serve as an attractive addition to the backdrop of your wedding. If you want to offer elephant rides or horseback rides to people, you could do that too.

5) Hire Professional Clowns and Jugglers

Make your wedding reception something to remember. Hire a team of professional clowns and jugglers to entertain your wedding guests. You could have dancing clowns or clowns that do tricks and stunts. Jugglers are always fun to watch at a circus too, so why not include them at your wedding?

6) Circus Cake

Order a specialised cake that is designed to look like a circus. It could be a three-tier cake with red, blue, white, and yellow colours everywhere. You could have little animal cookies spread inside of the frosting too. Hire the right baker, and they could make this cake come true.