Casual Wedding


Casual weddings are so much fun and there is little to no pressure as the whole thing is super casual. The location for a casual wedding might be a park or a back yard and your guests usually dress in smart casual clothes. Foods can be easy to prepare or you can hire a caterer. A keg or simple wine bar would be ideal for this type of ceremony. You could have catered platters or a grazing table to go along with the casual theme. Flowers can be simple daisies, roses or babies breath held together with some twine.

Casual wedding dress ideas can be boho inspired and an off the shelf dress choice is appropriate here. Your groom can wear simple colours such as beige, off white and linen is a good choice of fabric. Your table settings can make use of simple and casual fabrics such as linen and hessian. An awesome day isn’t dependant on spending a lot of money. You can have a simple day in your backyard with your best friends and family and it can still be as memorable as a million dollar day.

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Casual Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations

The casual wedding invitation should let the guest know that the wedding is more casual and there is no need to dress formally. Always advise on the invitation how the guests are expected to dress and this avoids any mishaps on the day. We really hope you enjoy your wedding and that you have a long and happy marriage.