Black Wedding 


Leave tradition behind and throw yourself a black wedding. As far as colour choices, this is a really bold choice which usually has a lot of tongues wagging. Shun the tradition of light and take a walk on the dark side.

I went to a ceremony about a decade ago where all the guests were requested to wear darker shades, the flowers were black and so were the decorations. The groom wore black and the bride wore off white. It was such an interesting theme and I have never forgotten it.

Not to mention we all looked great in the wedding photos because we all look good in black. 

This is why I have included the a section for this type of wedding invitations as it’s a theme worth considering. I have seen a few black themed  wedding dresses which can also make a big impact. Or you can stick with white, pink or off white and go with black flowers which  are not their natural colour.

It also works well with white, so this is worth thinking about when considering the colour of the grooms tie and flower bouquets. For the table settings, black works well with silver and gold and will really make the high gloss of champagne flutes pop.

Do something completely different and choose the colour black for your wedding. Black wedding dresses look amazing and as you can see from the videos above, lots of people choose black over white for their dress.