Art Deco Wedding 


The Art Deco era was a popular time in the 1920’s in which art, design, interiors and architecture experienced some interesting changes. It is defined as an art movement and many relics from this period can be found at antique auctions, and it’s architecture can be found among the most famous cities in the world. Art Deco influenced so many things including what people wore, jewellery, the construction of buildings and of course art.

Art Deco features stunning bold patterns and the use of stylish colours such as gold and silver. An Art Deco Wedding theme can perfectly encompass this bold style to make your day a memorable and photogenic one. Take your cues from this beautiful movement and choose your dress with this theme in mind. The accents can be gold or silver, with highly polished surfaces to really make this theme pop. Choose classic shapes for your table settings as well as plenty of gold accents.

Your guests will be thrilled and can take their cues from the Empire State building which is the height of Art Deco Architecture. Your guests will certainly remember your wedding as it can be an excuse to wear some stylish jewellery and accessories and you could choose a wedding ring in the Deco style. Your Table setting can reflect this beautiful style as well.

Art Deco Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations
Art Deco Wedding - All Free Wedding Invitations