About Us

We just want to give you some free wedding invitations

Free Wedding Invitations for those on a budget or who want to make their own wedding invites for that personal touch.

Free invitations for you to download via PDF and print at home. We have invitations from various categories, colour schemes and themes for you to choose from.

Our aim is to offer you a free design so you don’t have to stress about wedding invites. We know that getting married is increasingly expensive and stressful and we wanted to give you a free invitation to help ease some of that stress. 

Our Mission

To provide a wide variety of wedding invitations and offer them to random people on the internet for free. Weddings are already super expensive so one thing we can help with are some free invitations.

Our Vision

We want to see weddings be less stressful with more time to concentrate on the commitment, and less time to stress about how much the invitations are going to cost.

Our Story

How We Got Started

This site has been around for over a decade in one form or another. We used to have free invites before all the big sites offered them. It was a way for us to create some lovely designs and offer them free to use for anybody who wants them.

Where We Are Now

A decade later and we are still doing the same thing. We love it and our visitors love it too. So check all the invites out and you can get some tips and tricks from our wedding blog.