10 Macrame DIY Wedding ideas gives you the inspiration you need to make your own wedding wall. Draw some boho or beachy inspiration from some of these ideas. gives you the inspiration you need to make your own wedding wall. Draw some boho or beachy inspiration from some of these ideas. The vintage Macrame home decor style has been around since the 70s, but you can bring the boho-meets-70’s vibe to your wedding too. Most Macrame wall hangings are created with just 5 basic knots, used in different patterns.

These basic knots are pretty easy to master and once you know them you’re totally ready to get creative with your Macrame cords. Even when you only know how to do the square knot, you can still create countless different things such as wall hangings, jewelry, home decor, and even wedding walls.



Here are 10 Macrame DIY Wedding ideas for inspiration:

10 Macrame DIY Wedding ideas gives you the inspiration you need to make your own wedding wall. Draw some boho or beachy inspiration from some of these ideas.

Making your own wedding wall can be really satisfying. Some of the brides below spent months making their beautiful wedding pieces and they planned it down to the last flower. With so many macrame combinations, you can definitely dress it up or make it casual. Adding flowers and some natural wood, really give it that bohemian vibe, which looks great in photos. No matter what type of dress the bride wears, they all seem to look incredible aganist the backdrop of macrame knots. 

Macrame wall 1

This rustic look would be right at home in Byron Bay. Using reclaimed wood and some stunning flowers, this macrame wall will really make the wedding photos look amazing.

macrame wedding 3

You can also add in just one giant, floral wreath to give off a more simple yet elegant approach to this hand-crafted macrame wall. Featuring beautiful native dried flowers, this simple wedding wall is perfect against the orchard backdrop.

Make your wedding wall a bit more interesting by using a triangle base to catch people’s attention, some rose wreaths, and some macrame dream-catchers.

wedding wall 6

Add a bit of spark to your macrame wedding wall with some personalised LED lighting! The combination of bohemian-themed wreaths and the modern appeal of lights make a solid combination for a wedding wall.

macrame wall 9

A cluster of dream catchers made with macrame on a wooden wall immediately gives off that natural feel to the wedding, and makes any bride be the focus of the picture.

Macrame wall 2

Beautifully-structured and placed flower garlands give this macrame wedding wall a perfect touch for any boho-themed wedding.

wedding wall #4

Plants add a fresh, vibrant and modern appeal to any macrame wall, and are just so stunningly beautiful. This beautiful bride also boasts a macrame flower wrap.

macrame wedding 6

A circular arc as a base works, too! The great thing about macrame walls is it blends with any shape and it will still look amazing.

macrame wall 8

 A more simple approach is strategically placing potted plants on each side of the wall’s base to make the macrame wall stand out more.

Macrame wedding 10

When you’re done with your macrame wedding wall, you can upcycle it and use it as decoration for your home!

We hope you enjoyed some of our inspo walls. We like to think that you can do your own wedding DIY from start to finish. From macrame boho walls, to wedding dresses and invitations. We would love to see your DIY wedding so make sure you join our group and post a picture so we can all get some wedding inspo.


10 Stunning DIY Macrame Wedding Walls