Q. Who can use the invitations on this website

A. Anybody can use these invitations, however you are limited in what you can do with them. You may not make a website and offer my invitations on them. You may not alter any of the designs. You may not breach my copyright in any way.

You may print these invitations out for your wedding, or any other use such as decopage and other paper art.

Q. How do I print the invitations?

A. Click on the invite you wish to print, and a PDF document will fill your screen. You simply choose print from your PDF readers menu and then configure your home printer as usual. You can also take these invitations to a printer to be printed professionally.

Q. Why are they free?

A. Because I offer free invitations for you to use and print because I enjoy making websites.

Q. Can I link to this website or a particular invitation?

A. yes. You are welcome to link to anything on this site.